Industrial presentations & exhibition

This year's event will be your opportunity to gain visibility for your technologies, research endeavors and services, as well as to advertise your company and technologies to the best researchers, professionals and students in the field. We would like to invite you to become active part of EG19 as a contributor and/or exhibitor. If you need further information about the event or the participation options we offer, or suggestions how to become part of EG19, please contact:

For the Industrial Track we invite participants from national and international gaming, visualization, and virtualization companies and/or the computer graphics provider industry. Furthermore, we invite academic partners who direct their research within the prospected domain areas.
Please note: We seek technical presentations rather than marketing-oriented talks.

Proposals should address the following non-exclusive list of topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Computer Graphics
  • BigData Representation and Simulation
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Cloud Computing, Applications and Visualization
  • Computer Animation and Visual effects for movie production
  • Computer Graphics pipeline in industrial applications
  • Computer Generated Imagery and Digital Art
  • 3D modelling, Animation and Rendering
  • Deep Learning Frameworks and Applications
  • 3D Content Generation and Simulation of Natural Phenomena
  • 3D Reconstruction Systems
  • 3D AM Technologies for advanced manufacturing / Industry 4.0
  • High-Performance Computing / Scientific Visualization
  • Human Computer Interaction and Applications
  • Synthetic Materialization and Texturing Representation
  • Video-games and Serious Gaming Production
  • Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality Applications
  • Realistic Image Synthesis and Visualization Technology

This year edition will have three levels of industry engagement:

  • Level I - Keynote Speaker, by invitation
  • Level II - Industry talks, by proposal submission – deadline February 26, 2019 - notification March 10, 2019
  • Level III - Industrial Exhibitor / Speakers Corner

Industrial Invited Talks: (Level I)
30-45 minutes including Q&A

Industrial Presentations: (Level II)
15-25 minutes including Q&A

Industrial exhibitor program: (Level III)
This year, in connection with the conference there will be two half-day technology exhibition and technology speakers corner in a central place in the Conference Center. Industry and R&D partners will give short presentations, to showcase integrated research and high-end project results and possible future directions. In addition hardware/software vendors will present their latest products as virtual simulations, demonstrators and/or video visualizations.

The exhibition will be organized in a shared place with high visibility in the main the Conference Center, so that the best possible interaction with the conference participants can be expected.

The companies can rent an exhibition space (dimension 3x3m2) for € 2.500 - (Spaces will be assigned and reserved by reception of the agreement and payment, on a first come first served basis. The exhibition rental includes one free registration).

This option includes:

  • Table and chairs
  • Internet connection (robust WiFi)
  • Other equipment on individual request


EG2019 also offers contributors and exhibitors to consider the sponsorship options of advertising and the conference center branding placement opportunities that give you increased visibility and build attendee awareness. Please visit Partners/Sponsorship for more details about sponsorship opportunities.

Eurographics Full Papers Chairs

Monica Bordegoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Robert Wendrich, University of Twente, The Netherland