EG Award program

MONDAY, MAY 6th 2019, h.17:45       Room: MAESTRALE
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 2004, Eurographics decided to establish the Eurographics Awards Programme. The goal of the programme is to recognize, highlight, and promote computer graphics research in Europe. These awards are presented at the annual Eurographics conference and recognize individuals who have significantly advanced the field of computer graphics.
Each year, these awards are presented at the opening ceremony of the annual Eurographics conference, and winners receive a special award trophy.
Since 2016, the Eurographics Gold Medal has been established as a premier award made to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the goals of Eurographics. These contributions can be in the form of outstanding and ground breaking research efforts in the Eurographics domains, or other major contributions to the activities supported by the association such as educational efforts, or the organization and function of the association.

At EG2019, the following awards will be presented:

EG PhD Award, Chair: Niloy Mitra

EG Outstanding Technical Contributions Award, Chair: Roberto Scopigno

EG Gold Medal, Chair: Hans-Peter Seidel

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