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The Eurographics Diversity Board is presenting this year a panel dedicated to diversity. In this panel, the board will present its mission and how it fits within the Eurographics association. As a first panel, we chose this year to discuss specifically gender issues.
After a presentation of selected panellists, discussions will be conducted on what the current practices to promote, encourage, and defend equal chances independently on gender. Following this panel, a status report will be produced.
Organizers: Céline Loscos, Tim Weyrich and Michela Spagnuolo

Wednesday, 8

Panel on Diversity

16.10 - 17.10

Bianca Falcidieno is a Research Director at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy, Her research focuses on shape modeling, computer graphics, computational mathematics and knowledge technologies. She has been leading and coordinating research at international level in these topics strongly interacting with industrial and social application fields: from industrial design to geographic information systems, from manufacturing to medicine, from multimedia to cultural heritage.

In her career, she coordinated several international projects and the CNR participation to many national research initiatives. As the coordinator of the European project AIM@SHAPE, she pioneered the development of semantics-driven approaches for representing 3D shapes, based on coupling knowledge technologies with geometric representations in this area. She was in charge of various international commitments, including editorial tasks (she served on the editorial boards of 5 professional journals), organization of several international conferences and workshops as the Chair or Co-chair, and participation to international program committees. Together with Professor Kunii, she was the co-founder and the editor in chief of the Shape Modeling International Journal and one of the first organizers of the Shape Modeling International Conference.

Bianca Falcidieno is the author of over 200 scientific refereed papers and books, her work has been published extensively in the leading journals in the field. She is a EUROGRAPHICS fellow, a Solid Modeling Pioneer and, for the 80th CNR anniversary, included in the 12 top-level female researchers in the history of CNR.

Jasminka Hasic Telalovic completed her BS degree in Mathematics (University of New Hampshire, USA) and MS degree in Computer Science (Brown University, USA). She obtained her PhD studying high fidelity Computer Graphics with supervisor Prof. Alan Chalmers at the Warwick University, UK. Her subsequent research includes work on the High Dynamic Range imaging.

As a member of Management Committee of the COST Action - The digital capture, storage, transmission and display of real-world lighting (HDRi), she was designated as an Outreach Coordinator and organized events throughout Europe to stimulate greater involvement of women in this research field. This work lead her into participation in genderSTE COST Action and finally a Horizon2020 project Systemic Action for Gender Equality (SAGE). During her participation in the SAGE project she gained a valuable knowledge on how to assess and address gender equality at an institution of higher education.

She is now passionate on engendering knowledge and research, and providing opportunities for girls/women to use their full potential in the field of Computer Science.