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Genoa (Italian, Genova - Genoese, Zena) is a historical port city in northern Italy, the capital of the Region of Liguria. Genoa has a long history as a rich and powerful trade centre. However, with its multitude of hidden gems behind cozy alleyways, excellent cuisine, renovated old port, beautiful sights, the largest medieval city center in Europe, and the magnificent “Palazzi dei Rolli" (a series of noble abodes in the Renaissance and Baroque styles, UNESCO World Heritage Sites) have made Genoa an enticing place and a popular tourist destination. It's really hard to list the things to see in Genoa: the Palazzo Ducale (the Doges' residence since 1339), the Aquarium of Genoa (one of the biggest in Europe), the Galata Museum of the Sea, the Churches & the Cathedral and their astonishing artworks, Palazzo Rosso e Palazzo Bianco (amazing noble residences and important art museums), La Città dei bambini e dei ragazzi (a large facility dedicated to children), the old sailors' neighborhood of Boccadasse, and much more! With pastel-coloured terracotta-roofed houses, lovely seaside villas, and also several luxurious boutiques, Genoa is a must see if you want to experience the "quintessential" Italy.

Liguria is on the north-west coast of Italy. It is a narrow strip of land, bordered by the sea, the Alps, and the Apennine Mountains. Separated by mountains from the rest of Italy, and warmed by the green-blue waters of the Mediterranean, Liguria enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate year round, an ideal area for growing flowers, grapes, lemons, and olives. Rain is quite variable and more abundant in autumn and winter. Lush vegetation, a mild climate and mountains that meet the sea: this is Liguria at the glance! Known as the Italian Riviera, the region stretches from the French border to Tuscany. Liguria’s coastline is one to remember — lovely beaches that alternate with rocky promontories, small coves, calm bays, and sheer cliffs that plunge into the sea. Sophisticated resorts, medieval towns, quaint fishing villages, and bustling ports are spread across this unforgettable landscape. The coast of Liguria is a collection of magical spots and popular tourist attractions such as - only to name a few - the brightly-colored houses of Portofino, the amazing five villages of Le Cinque Terre, and the breathtaking climbs upon cliffs in Finale Ligure.

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